News 2006

December 2006

Visual Modus is launched together with Windows Vista and Office System 2007

Microsoft Finland chose Neoxen as a product lauch partner. Brand new Visual Modus 2007 will be announced in Microsoft's "Ready for a New Day" -event in Helsinki 1.2.2007.

December 2006

Neoxen cooperated with UCLA

Neoxen participated in Global Access Program which was managed by Tekes (Finnish funding agency for technology and innnovation) and UCLA Anderson School of Management. Students of the program made a field study for Neoxen Systems in conjuction with North American operations.

December 2006

Canada welcomes Visual Modus

Neoxen established new partnerships in Alberta, Canada. This ensures stong beachhead for Visual Modus in North America.

November 2006

Neoxen Visual Modus 2007 Pre-Release Available

Updated pre-release package expands dynamic Windows SharePoint and Bentley ProjectWise connectivity features and enhances user experience. Installation package is available at Download page.

November 2006

Neoxen researches Asian markets

Finpro and T&E Centre helped Neoxen to explore Taiwan market for Neoxen products. Based on research results, Neoxen established strategy to enter Asian market.

October 2006

Neoxen CEO speaks in Gdansk, Poland

On the 5th of October City of Turku and City of Gdansk organize a Baltic Sea business and cooperation event. Neoxen CEO Esa Tervo presents Turku innovation Environment together with the managing director of ICT Turku Ltd, Mr. Jaakko Kuosmanen.

August 2006

Neoxen Qwined 2006 SE released

This release of Neoxen Qwined brings support for nearly hundred programming languages and configuration file formats. Also multiple fixes to overall funtionality and usability is included. Installation package is available at downloads area.

July 2006

Neoxen in Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference

Neoxen participates again the worldwide partner conference, the Microsoft annual main event, in Boston, MA.

July 2006

Neoxen Visual Modus 2006 Pre-Release is now available

Neoxen Visual Modus 2006 Pre-Release is now available. The package will give an overview of the key features of forth coming 2006 release. It contains the first and the fastest Windows client for Microsoft SharePoint. Integrations to Bentley ProjectWise and Novell GroupWise are supported. Official release should be available at Q3/2006.

June 2006

Neoxen in Bentley Empowered Conference

Neoxen participates the European partner conference, the Bentley annual main event in Europe, in Prague, Czech Republic.

June 2006

Neoxen CEO speaks in Venture Capital Event in Helsinki

On the 6th of June Seed Forum International and Finpro organize the first Seed Forum Event in Finland. Neoxen CEO Esa Tervo presents the company to Scandinavian audience.

May 2006

Neoxen CEO speaks in Moscow

On 30th of June Neoxen participates in Seed Forum Moscow as the first Finnish company. Neoxen CEO Esa Tervo presents the company for Russian, Baltic and Scandinavian audience.

May 2006

Neoxen with Ministry of Trade and Industry in Israel

Neoxen Director of Product Management Mr. Tero Toropainen and Mr. Les Postnikoff, Global Sales & North American Operations, participate in the official Finnish delegation in Israel (15th to 18th of June). The business delegation is organized by Finpro and led by Mr. Pekka Roine from Conor Venture Partners. The ministerial delegation is lead by the Permanent Secretary Erkki Virtanen.

May 2006

Neoxen CEO speaks at Bio Technology Communication event

On 4th of May Neoxen CEO Esa Tervo presents international partnership building concepts in Bio Technology Communication event in Turku Bio Valley in Finland.

April 2006

Neoxen participates at the Finpro Far East project

Neoxen has joined the one year lasting Far East project together with Finpro. The project begins with Taiwan as a target area and expands later on to cover all the other major locations, including China, Japan and Korea. Neoxen Director of Product Management, Mr. Tero Toropainen, is leading the project.

April 2006

Neoxen CEO speaks at Microsoft Partner Event

On 20th of April Neoxen CEO Esa Tervo presents internationalization concepts in Microsoft event for partners in Espoo Finland.

March 2006

Neoxen visits Microsoft Headquarters in Redmond

From 20th to 24th of March Neoxen participates in Office Developer Conference in the Microsoft headquarters to get first hand insight for emerging Microsoft technologies and products.

February 2006

Neoxen signed a Go-live Agreement with Microsoft

Neoxen has signed a Go-live License Agreement with Microsoft for Windows Communication Foundation and Windows Workflow Foundation. The next release of Visual Modus will be released in parallel with Microsoft Windows Vista.

February 2006

Hearne is a new reseller for Neoxen Visual Modus

Hearne Scientific Software, a dominant distributor of scientific software in the South East Asian region, is now selling Neoxen Visual Modus in USA, Australia, New Zealand, and United Kingdom.

January 2006

Neoxen CEO speaks at Venture Cup Event

Esa Tervo, CEO at Neoxen Systems holds a presentation in Venture Cup Event on 11th of January in Turku. Esa Tervo speaks about international joint ventures, trends in the global software industry, internationalization, partnerships and networking.

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