Enabling Technologies

Combining Cloud and On-premises

Neoxen® QX Framework

The globalization and rapidly evolving communication infrastructure emphasize the need for a highly flexible development platform to combine cloud and traditional computing.

Neoxen QX Framework is a platform for information management and unified communications. It scales from smart hand-held devices to clustered server and cloud environments.

Combining On-premises and Cloud

Accessing Information

Neoxen® Visual Modus QX

Having all the necessary information accessible - regardless of time and place - is an essential requirement for any modern enterprise.

Neoxen Visual Modus QX ties together the backend systems and integrates them at your desktop. It provides a true Single-Point-of-Access based on Neoxen QX Framework foundation.

Accessing Information

Unified Communications Systems

Neoxen® Trelox QX

Neoxen Trelox QX allows you to efficiently integrate diverse communications systems - legacy on-premises, cloud-based and hybrid solutions from multiple vendors.

Neoxen Trelox QX is an embedded information broker. It mediates between modern and legacy messaging platforms. Neoxen Trelox is lightning fast and it is based on Neoxen QX Framework foundation.

Unified Communications Systems

World-class Project Management

Neoxen® Modus Methodology

Neoxen Modus Methodology provides well-acknowledged and proven model for project management and quality assurance.

It covers all phases from planning, implementation, deployment, training and support services. Modus Methodology is based on years of industry experience in services.

World-class Methodology

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