Custom Development Services

XoomPoint Cloud LMS Tailoring

To supplement our Implementation & Deployment Services, we offer custom development services to assist you in deploying tailored on-premises, cloud and hybrid solutions.

Some XoomPoint Enterprise Cloud deployments require customer specific configuration and branding. The visual outlook and layout, graphics, logos, etc. may need to be configured to match the customer identity. Also the organizational structure of the customer may need to be reflected to the solution. In some cases even customer specific terminology may be required. All this can be accomplished in the deployment project.

Many of our customers use our products relying on their standard features. However, some customers require custom modules or integration to other existing systems, such as CRM, HR solutions or reporting systems. We can provide all these functionalities through customer specific Customization Kits.

SharePoint Development

We are particularly specialized in Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft SharePoint based implementations. We develop custom information management solutions for our academic and business customers. These typically consist of

  • Portals and public sites
  • Intranets
  • Extranets
  • Custom e-learning solutions with business-specific unified communications features

We have world-class capabilities for producing custom software utilizing the latest Microsoft development tools and our award-winning project management model, Neoxen Modus Methodology. This capability ranges from building core system components for any Microsoft platform to a wide range of solutions including portals and e-learning, content and collaboration management, and web application development.

Visual Design and Documentation

Intuitive ease of use and attractive visual outlook are important factors for user acceptance. The solution documentation, online help and manuals need to be self-explanatory and precise. We will provide you all of that. As a part of our custom development, we offer full set of Visual Design & Documentation Services.

Quality Assurance and Solution Testing

Naturally dedicated QA services are part of our implementation projects. Our QA & Solution Testing Services ensure that your solution is solid, matches your requirements and performs and scales as expected.

Systematic Development Process

Regardless of the size and scope of your project, we follow a systematic and disciplined approach - based on acknowledged Neoxen Modus Methodology. We utilize focused project management to ensure quality, consistency, and timelines of delivery.

Our business driven service focuses on the creation of new, or modification of existing software, to address your unique business requirements. Through our service offerings, you gain faster time-to-market, competitive advantage through standards compliant solutions, and access to the most qualified software engineers.

Business Driven Development Services

Very often software development projects are technology-oriented. Requirements are defined, specifications written, tools are selected and developers start working. This approach may result in long cycles of development, testing, presentation, feedback and refinement. Sometimes the business objective becomes secondary to the technology and valuable time and money is wasted bridging the gap of misunderstanding between technologists and business owners.

Our development method taking advantage of our proven Neoxen Modus Methodology is differently focused and more effective. Business driven development project begins with a measurable business objective that can be defined and delivered through the use of software technologies.

Please take a look also at the site and the XoomPoint Partner site for dedicated XoomPoint Services!

You can contact Neoxen Sales Department directly for further details.

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