Neoxen® Academy

Neoxen Academy provides all the training courses you need for you to learn using Microsoft and Neoxen solutions for education

Our Mission

Neoxen® Academy provides pedagogical, product related and technical training courses for our customers. We are acknowledged experts in these subjects and a proven training partner.

Tailored e-Learning Courses

In addition to our standard XoomPoint LMS courses we also offer both customized and fully tailored training. We and our partners provide you with turn-key solutions to meet your specific training needs.

Our Visual Design & Documentation Services can produce your custom training material, even in SCORM format.

Teaching and Learning Tools

We provide training courses for productivity tools used in teaching and learning. These tools include all the standard Microsoft Office applications and Microsoft Office 365, but also the other educational products, add-ons and free resources provided by Microsoft.

These courses are available for our customers involved in Microsoft Partners in Learning community.

Check here all the available free resources.

Technical Training Courses

We provide technical training courses for all the platform technologies we have implemented for your learning solution. These courses are targeted for your technical staff.

XoomPoint Cloud LMS Training

We offer complete set of training courses for our customers using our XoomPoint LMS product family and for our tailored e-learning solutions.

Training courses with Neoxen® Academy ensure that you can take full advantage of your learning management system. You can obtain new pedagogical approaches and take them into practice. You will learn new ways to utilize interactive digital content - and even produce it yourself.

Standard Courses

1. Pedagogy and e-Learning Platform

  • Pedagogical approaches to new technology
  • Roles in the ubiquitous learning environment
  • Strategies
  • Impact to my own work and role
  • Tools and digital content
  • How to put in practice?

2. XoomPoint LMS and SharePoint

  • What can I do with it?
  • Key features and functionalities
  • Platform structure
  • Users, rights and roles
  • SharePoint basics
  • How to use courses, assignments and exercises

3. XoomPoint LMS and Content

  • Producing rich e-learning content
  • Using questionnaires, surveys and polls
  • Using feedback
  • SCORM and SCORM editors
  • e-Content from publishers
  • Public e-Content

4. XoomPoint LMS Administrator

NOTE: This course is targeted for technical personnel only.
  • SharePoint administration basics
  • Platform structure
  • Authentication
  • Security, users, rights and roles
  • How to administer courses, assignments and exercises
  • Troubleshooting XoomPoint service

Please take a look also at the site and the XoomPoint Partner site for dedicated XoomPoint Services!

You can contact Neoxen Sales Department directly for further details.

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