Neoxen Trelox QX

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Certified Platform

Supports Windows Azure

Information Mediation

Designed as a highly flexible and customizable multi-platform communication broker, Neoxen Trelox QX mediates between legacy and modern messaging platforms. Neoxen OEM customers have already utilized the power of Trelox QX in their mission-critical communications systems, such as hospital Nurse Call Systems.

Small and Fast

Neoxen Trelox QX is a small and lightning fast mediator between systems developed with varying technologies and platforms. It supports Server Side Customizations (SSC) allowing extensions for different business verticals and different communications needs.

Reaching the Cloud

The multi-layered architecture is extendable and customizable. Neoxen Trelox QX combines traditional and cloud services.

The modular architecture integrates easily with existing solutions and services. Trelox QX scales from handheld and embedded devices to clustered server and cloud environments.

For Unified Communications

Based on our Neoxen QX Framework Neoxen Trelox QX is designed for systems integrators and independent hardware and software vendors for rapid development of demanding unified communications systems.

Key Features

Key Benefits

  • Neoxen Trelox QX is the first embedded engine in the world containing all this functionality in a single ready-to-run package. It contains ready-made standard Transaction Processors for messaging, system management, document distribution and remote control.
  • Neoxen Trelox QX speeds up your system development. You can complete more projects with fewer personnel and in shorter implementation time with higher quality.
  • Shorten your project ‘up-to-speed’ curve. Neoxen Trelox QX gives you a true competitive edge allowing a quick response to changing customer requests.

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