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General Methodology Guide

Neoxen Modus Methodology provides well-acknowledged and proven model for project management, development, implementation and deployment, quality assurance, and support services.

Neoxen Modus Methodology is based on nearly two decades of engineering expertise, best industry practices and international standards. The working model and daily procedures of Neoxen Professional Services and Customer Care are based on this foundation.

Introduction to Neoxen Modus General Methodology Guide

Auditing Guide

Systematic auditing procedures aim at maintaining and continuously improving the capability to deliver high quality solutions and services that meet and exceed the customer expectations.

The Modus Methodology Auditing Guide describes the internal and external audit processes. It covers planning, conducting and reporting of the results.

Introduction to Neoxen Modus Auditing Guide

Quality Assurance Guide

The complexity of today's information technology is ever increasing. Combined with growing competitive pressures and increasing costs of solution failure and downtime are emphasizing the strategic value of solid methodology. Systematic Quality Assurance and software testing are project fundamentals.

Quality Assurance in Modus Methodology aims at carrying out projects as production-like repeatable processes where agreed standard procedures are followed during the project.

Introduction to Neoxen Modus Quality Assurance and Software Testing Guide

Support Services Guide

Well-organized support and help desk services are essential tools to ensure smooth operation of the customer's solutions.

The Support Services Guide describes the standardized processes in Neoxen Customer Care Organization. Together with the accompanied how-to documents it covers the work phases, responsibilities, maintenance, and change management procedures.

Introduction to Neoxen Modus Support Services Guide

Project Management Guide

Standardizing project planning and management aims at carrying out projects as production-like repeatable processes where agreed standard methods are followed systematically in all project phases and tasks.

The Project Management Guide describes the standardized project model from the perspective of the project manager. It defines the project organization, roles, main phases and tasks, approval procedures, as well as procedures and deliverables related to each phase.

Introduction to Neoxen Modus Project Management Guide

Development Guide

Our business-driven custom development model focuses on efficient production of measurably high quality solutions to address customers' unique business requirements.

With the Neoxen Modus development model, our customers gain shorter time-to-market, competitive advantage through 'on-schedule' and 'on-budget' results, and access to the most qualified software production expertise.

Introduction to Neoxen Modus Development Guide

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