SELECT Licensing

SELECT - Maintenance and Support Made Easy

Make the most of your Neoxen solution investment by taking advantage of SELECT maintenance agreement - the flexible, cost-effective route to premium customer support and upgrade protection.

As a SELECT Customer you are entitled to Premier Support and other benefits. Download the SELECT Support Description and learn up-to-date benefits:

Download SELECT Support Description

Purchased in conjunction with your solution license, Neoxen SELECT is designed to ensure that your solution is kept current, supported, convenient and up to date. Neoxen SELECT is available for both business and academic customers.

Neoxen SELECT offers numerous entitlements, including the following:

1. Upgrade Fulfillment

Receive the latest version of your Neoxen solution as soon as it is issued, for one year following the date of your SELECT purchase. Stay entitled with all the major and minor updates without any additional fees.

2. Support

Receive premium support for your SELECT licensed solution. Premium support includes a direct number to call for assistance and a Support Account Manager designated to work with you on any incidents. You have guaranteed response times to your requests.

3. Services

Gain premium access to our Professional Services to assist you with your SELECT licensed solution. You will have a named Account Manager to assist you at your convenience. The services may optionally include maintenance and hosting. You have an option receive the whole infrastructure as a service.

4. Multilingual Licensing

Solution will be issued in the language designated for your region. You may request any other language available from us If you require a language not available in your region, you may contact your Neoxen representative to obtain the required language (subject to availability).


Neoxen SELECT has proven to be an extremely beneficial licensing model to our academic and business customers. Cost-effective and convenient, Neoxen SELECT with the bundled support and services is an answer to to our customers' request.

For further information about purchasing Neoxen SELECT, please contact our Sales Department.

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