NAL - Licensing Made Easy

Customer Profile

Any business, department, workgroup, government agency or academic institution that requires licenses for 1 (one) or more Neoxen products is eligible to take advantage of NAL (Neoxen As Needed Licensing).

How to Qualify

There is no minimum purchase requirement. You may obtain additional licenses for your entire organization or for local offices by purchasing 1 (one) license set.


There's no ongoing purchase commitment with NAL so you can make individual purchases of any Neoxen product as needed. Since there's no contract, you're guided by the license Terms and Conditions.

Products Included

All current Neoxen license products are available through NAL.


  • Cost effective - enjoy greater cost savings when you buy ‘right to copy' licenses for each user instead of buying copies of full shrink-wrapped product that includes media and manuals. By making individual license set purchases as the need arises, you know you're only buying software your employees will use
  • Volume discounts - take advantage of five fixed discount levels to ensure you save more when you buy in volume
  • Convenient - enjoy easy license administration and reduced deployment time when your entire site uses solutions from a single source.
  • Multi-platform licensing - receive licenses in the platform of your choice (subject to availability)
  • Home and laptop use - use licensed product at home or at the office, provided both copies of the solution are not being used at the same time


For further information about purchasing Neoxen licenses, please contact our Sales Department.

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